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We don't put them in, but we are happy to take them out!

Gastric banding was once the most popular operation for weight loss, however, banding is now done very infrequently. We do not insert gastric bands at OWLSA. There probably is still a place for them in a select group of patients, and there are a couple of surgeons in Adelaide still using them - we can recommend you to one of these surgeons, if appropriate. We feel that the other surgical options are better in every respect.

More likely, you are having trouble with your band and want to have this removed.

We are happy to discuss this with you and to remove your band as a no-gap procedure, if you have private insurance. If you are uninsured then although we won't charge you, a private hospital will, so we are happy to organise for you to have your band removed in the public sector. Your priority on a public waiting list is always dependent on the severity of the issues that you are having.

You may wish to consider a secondary surgery. For more information on revision surgery click here...

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