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Using Body Mass Index (BMI) isn't perfect, but it does give us some guidance as to the risk to your health, due to your weight. However, BMI is only one of many factors used to establish if someone is suitable for weight loss surgery. Careful thought may be given to weight loss surgery if your BMI is low, but you have an obesity related health condition. For example, if your BMI is between 30 and 35 and you have type II diabetes, as risks to your health are higher.

Generally the eligibility criteria for bariatric surgery is as below, but it’s variable and best to discuss with a surgeon before ruling anything out.

  • BMI of 40+ with, or without, obesity related condition

  • BMI of 35+ with obesity related condition

  • BMI of 30+ with type 2 diabetes

  • Age 18 - 70

  • Reasonable attempts at other weight loss techniques

Dr Dandie will evaluate your individual medical requirements and the likely effects of the different surgeries for you. He will take into account your preference, so that the choice of operation is a shared decision.

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