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NICOLLE CUMMINS | Psychologist

Nicolle has been registered as a psychologist for 25 years and has a friendly, warm manner. Nicolle has worked in the area of bariatric approaches to weight management previously and understands weight issues affect us emotionally and mentally as well as physically. The journey of weight management can have impacts across our lifespan and areas of our life including our self-esteem, relationships and how we interact in the world.  Reasons to access Nicolle might be for anxiety, depression, previous trauma, or confidence about tackling the changes ahead from bariatric surgery. Clients may need only a few sessions to assist with current challenges or other may be looking to engage with a longer term psychological therapy. Drawing on approaches of cognitive behavioural therapy as a foundation, Nicolle also uses Schema Therapy, Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy approaches to work with clients. Nicolle is registered for Medicare Mental Health Care Plans, Private Health Insurance appointments and NDIS.

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Nicolle graduated from the University of Adelaide in 1995 and the University of Sydney (MA Psychology) in 1998, becoming fully registered as a psychologist in 2000. Working in fields from hospital based care for brain injury and psychiatric inpatient care at Westmead Hospital, to trauma team for critical incidents, Nicolle’s work was extensively clinically based. After moving back to Adelaide in the 2005, Nicolle worked in general psychology with a national provider for workplace EAP, then bariatric surgery weight management and private practice for many years while managing family commitments. Currently, Nicolle works for the government running employee psychology and wellbeing strategy programs but likes to keep a balance to her profession by working with clients and being a part of their change process to personal growth. Nicolle’s philosophy is every person has their own unique story, and they deserve to be supported to be the author of their future.

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