If surgery is right for you then surely you need to see a surgeon!!

This shouldn't be the final step in your preparation but one of the first.

It kind of goes without saying but you will find Jon & Lachy to be professional, experienced and knowledgeable but what you will probably first notice is how friendly they are. They went into medicine to help people and weight loss surgery is one of the most rewarding areas to be working in. They consider themselves to be lucky as!

Time is not money - so when you meet Jon or Lachy, they won't rush you but will try to get to know you and pull all the threads of your weight history together. Essentially, you are seeing them because you feel that surgery is your next step. Is it? Are you sure? Is it right for you? It's certainly THE most effective and sustainable solution to weight loss and control but it's not for everybody so you will feel like you are being truly assessed and listened to. If surgery is right for you then let's see where on your journey you are and if surgery is the very next step. All surgical options will be discussed with you, using diagrams, and the pros and cons of each will be explored so that you feel confident to make an informed decision about which procedure suits your particular needs the best. It's your choice but Jon & Lachy will be there to guide and advise you with this decision. If at this point you need more medical, dietary, psychological input then they won't be afraid to tell you but once you and your surgeon are happy then you can choose a date for your procedure, and will be provided with booking forms for the hospital and a transparent quote for all costs - there are no hidden expenses.


Cost is important and surgery is not a cheap option but nor are some diets and other non-surgical treatments. Let's face it - how much have you already spent on trying to control your weight?


We do charge a gap for surgery, but we strive to constantly keep costs down. We don't have lavish lifestyles or lavish rooms to maintain and if we can pass on any savings then we do. If you are insured then you will get a rebate for some of this.

When it comes to it, Jon or Lachy will run through the surgical consent. This is a formal document so that you understand why you are having your procedure, how this is performed, the risks and benefits, alternative treatments, your expected recovery, your length of stay in hospital, what will happen each day you are in hospital and on discharge.

Finally, we will set your operation date. It's common that we use a VLCD type of diet before surgery, such as a shake diet using Optifast. This is to try to 'shrink' your liver. We usually suggest two weeks only (as it's too hard to do for longer).



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