Being independent means that OWLSA can help you to choose the best team for you. But recommendations don't come much higher than the dietitians at Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery. When it comes down to it, weight loss surgery is affecting your nutrition and Sally, Justine and Carmel know how to prepare and guide you through every stage of the changes that come with surgery and to have confidence in the dietary choices you make. They are able to work with your selected treatment to optimise your long-term success.

It's common for our patients to have seen dietitians and nutritionist before. You might feel like you have heard it all before: count this, don't have that, eat more, eat less, don't eat carbs, have you tried keto? This is not what you will get from Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery.

They know that a healthy lifestyle is not just knowing what to eat, but how to balance diet with the demands of life. They want to help you improve your relationship with food via practical, easy to understand nutrition advice that is also specific to your individual needs.

In your first consultation, your dietitian will explain the dietary changes required to help you prepare for and recover from your treatment. They have lots of ideas to help make these stages easier. Following treatment such as surgery, they will help you transition safely back to a normal diet. As part of the ongoing support program, they will guide you on the best diet for you to succeed.

Come prepared with your questions and know you will leave knowing how good nutrition fits into the weight loss solution puzzle. They really are here to help.