Although we are completely independent, OWLSA is also proud to be linked to Re:You, a unique group of general practitioners (GPs) who are passionate about weight management. Teresa and Zanna, who formed Re:You understand the complexities and difficulties in managing your weight and the need for a team approach of which surgery is simply one of the tools that you can use. 

They are not ordinary GPs and they do not take over the role of your own GP. Rather they are experienced weight loss doctors who previously worked in busy General Practices. Re:You won't force you into surgery either. They understand the role of surgery but will be happy to talk to you about any proven, evidence based treatment that will help you lose or control your weight. They get it.


As surgeons, we also understand the role of other therapies and that having a support team can play an important part in your success. They can see you before surgery, guiding your assessment and work-up to ensure that this is a safe option for you but also after surgery.

Long term follow up is a major part of success after surgery. Obesity is a chronic disease so unlike other operations, weight loss surgery is simply part of a life journey of improved health. We feel that this long-term support is crucial to keep you healthy.